Who We Are

The Move is a movement to rebuild our public’s muscle for democracy. Why is it that the voting booth is currently the only way for government to measure the pulse of the people? Not only does governance need to be redesigned to improve public engagement processes, but also to include a “public” that is increasingly beautiful in its complexity.

This movement aims to bring together people of all backgrounds who are seeking to facilitate real civic engagement in today’s democracies. This includes researchers, leaders, academics, and politicians, as well as artists, community organizers, and ordinary citizens -- the people that we at The Move like to call “the front lines of our democracy.” Together, we will support cities, communities, and other institutions in creating the space needed to peacefully struggle and make meaningful progress in a democracy.


The Move rebuilds our public muscle in three ways:

  1. We will advance learning, experimentation, and innovation in civic design using eight design principles.

  2. We will provide a collaborative learning and knowledge exchange platform on TheMove.MIT.edu and it’s adjacent social media channels for cities, institutions, and community organizations.

  3. We will partner in the design and implementation of at least one civic engagement project each year.

Meet The Team 

Ceasar McDowell
Ceasar McDowell is a Professor of the Practice of Civic Design at MIT and Head of MIT’s Civic Design Network. Dr. McDowell’s work focuses on the increasing complexity of the American Public and the implications for cities and democracy. Specifically, his interest is in the design of civic infrastructures capable of supporting all members of the public to engage in collective efforts to create just, sustainable and equitable cities.
Ayushi Roy
Podcast Co-Host
Ayushi Roy is a Masters of City Planning and MBA candidate at MIT. Ayushi’s work focuses on redesigning governance operations, civic data management, and the delivery of public services to make them more accessible and inclusive.
Misael Galdamez
Website Author
Misael Galdamez is a Masters of City Planning candidate in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. Misael’s work focuses on inclusive and equitable economic development and the public conversations that make inclusion possible.